Welcome to Ethnopedia

Ethnopedia is a business networking site for professionals interested in Multicultural Marketing and Ethnic Advertising in the UK. It provides a platform for marcom professionals to share, collaborate and exchange ideas and insights. 

The website also aims to offer useful information and case-studies through its various sections like news, articles, blogs and a forum on ethnic marketing and advertising.

Multicultural Marcom Forum


This is an interactive forum where you can ask or respond to questions, express your opinions, share information, or address an issue –as long as it is about multicultural marketing and
ethnic advertising.

Click to access the <<Multicultural Marcom Forum>>   

Who is it for?

  • Ethnic professionals, marketing innovators wanting to share knowledge and expertise 
  • Marketing professionals who wish to explore the ever-growing multicultural market
  • Government organisations interested in announcing pitches and targeting the ethnic audience 
  • Academics, researchers and students who could exchange their views on the ethnic market
  • Advertisers to advertise their products/services to the users of this site (i.e. marketing professionals) 

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